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Donation Opportunities


Pledges may be made to NKT as a one-time donation or in installments throughout the year. A dollar amount of YOUR CHOICE is given to NKT to aid in support of its program.

Stall Sponsor

Stall Sponsors commit to giving $1500 to help care and maintain one of NKT’s beloved horses. NKT’s horses are the foundation of its program and it is of the upmost importance that our herd is happy and well cared for.

Event Sponsor

Throughout the year NKT hosts many events as an opportunity to raise money to continue to grow its program. As event sponsor you or your business/organization will be highlighted during the event of your choice as well as in other NKT news related areas. Amounts Vary.

Fabulous 50 Donor

In an effort to raise $50,000 NKT is looking for 50 Fabulous individuals, Business, organizations or groups to donate a $1000 each. As a Fabulous 50 donor, your name will be displayed in the arena for all to see how FABULOUS you are in your efforts to support all that NKT does for our community.

Volunteer Sponsor

Volunteers are essential to NKT’s organization. Without them our program would not run as effectively as it does. It is important to NKT that we shows our appreciation for these individuals. You can help by donating $250 to go toward our volunteer appreciation efforts – gift cards, t-shirts and our appreciation banquet.


In an effort to see as many individuals as possible benefit from its program; NKT does not want finances to be a deterrence for any potential rider. You can aid in this effort by funding a scholarship. This can be for just one session ($150) or for an entire riding season ($750).


NKT’s herd is the foundation of its organization. Our riders not only rely on our horses, but they also love them as their own. If you have a horse that no longer works for you, please consider donating them to NKT’s program and help to change the life of someone special! If you think you may have a horse to donate, please call Louise at (309) 764-4220.

In-Kind Donations

NKT is always excepting in-kind donations these donations can be anything from items to be used in silent auctions, or raffles to gently used tack and supplies. to find out if you have an item that could benefit our organization, please call (309) 764-4220 to see how you can help.

NKT Wish List

Help keep NKT well stocked in everyday items throughout the year. Items such as toilet paper, hand Soap, office supplies, horse supplies or items that benefit our volunteers. NKT has a shelf waiting to be Stocked - to find out what items are frequently used see the list provided below.