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Vada Wilson

Louise and Vada are making connections in a way that had not been visible to us before. Louise always communicates with Vada, never over her. Their relationship is one of respect. Vada follows instructions because of how Louise treats her, and she wants to reciprocate that respect.

Our family has witnessed a huge growth in Vada's confidence, as well as physical strengths such as posture, balance and coordination. I have grown very fond of the staff at NKT and cannot say enough positive things about their program and the journey they are on.

- Tara Wilson


New Kingdom Trailriders creates an environment of acceptance and caring that teaches individuals who face physical, mental, social and emotional challenges horsemanship as well as allows them to work toward reaching their full potential.

Benefits of Therapeutic Riding

The three-dimensional rolling gait of the horse can help relax spastic muscles, increase joint mobility, promotes strength, balance, and good posture. The social nature and structured environment of the riding classes provide mental stimulation and can help improve concentration and verbal skills. Many riders gain self-confidence and an improved self-image.

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